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The Smile Design Dream Team

We are proud and honored to welcome the renowned Ceramist, Federico Lacco, to our team. Federico is an artisan ceramist from Italy who mixes old world sensibility of passion for his craft, with respect for natural beauty, and attention to detail using modern materials and techniques.


Federico moved himself and his family from Calabria, Italy for the opportunity to work with Dr. Turchin. He shares Dr. Turchin’s passion for natural smiles which support the face and lips, to slow down or reverse the aging process.


With the addition of Federico to the team, our practice can offer a level of perfection and predictability in our smile makeovers and single tooth restorations unheard of in our field. It is estimated that less than 0.1% of Dentists have a technician in their office. In addition, Federicco is respected as one of the best Ceramists in the world, often teaching other Ceramists his level of artistry.


Our speed and predictability of designing and creating a new smile allows our out of town patients the convenience of a new smile in one visit to Aspen, instead of two.


The Smile Design Dream Team hard at work!
For these reasons, we believe that we have truly created the Smile Design Dream Team!

This is another example of us sticking to Our Promises, of giving our patients the very best in dentistry. Look for more additions to our team soon as Dr. Turchin recruits the best to care for you. Another example, our new Periodontist brings you specialty care for your gums and dental implant needs which was previously unavailable in Aspen.  


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