Smilefit - Aspen, CO | Andrew Turchin, DMD


Dr. Turchin has studied his entire career to find out how to keep peoples smiles, teeth, gums, joints, and muscles healthy for the long term.  By studying people in their 60s,70’s,80’s, and 90’s with perfect oral health and beauty, it was found that there were common attributes in all. Their teeth were long, and unworn,  bites were perfect,  faces aged gracefully, and their smiles were beautiful!


Dr. Turchin coined the phrase SmileFit to describe this phenomena and help patients from all over the world achieve it. Much like general fitness which is far beyond the norms of health, SmileFit makes one feel better, look better, and withstand the stress of life better. Teeth wear less, faces age less, and headaches and TMJ problems are prevented. SmileFit is Anti-Aging Dentistry at its finest.