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Short Teeth and The Aging Esthetic

Beautiful youthful smiles are characterized by long prominent front teeth.


Not everyone is born so lucky as to have the ideal tooth display while speaking or smiling. And many others loose their beautiful smile as they age due to:


  1. The effects of gravity making the upper lip longer and thus covering more of their teeth while speaking and smiling.
  2. Tooth wear due to tooth grinding or an improper bite.


So, how do we achieve or maintain a youthful smile?  First, we make sure teeth are positioned VERTICALLY either by natural gift or orthodontics, so that we have the correct amount of tooth display at rest and while smiling. Next, and a less known detail, is the position of teeth in the HORIZONTAL direction. The ideal position horizontally will give the lip support one needs to minimize the effects of gravity on the lip, thus decreasing the dreaded long upper lip that sometimes comes with aging. In addition, it often gives lip fullness without the use of fillers.



Once teeth are positioned correctly, we maintain that position and avoid wear with our Perfect Bite Guard.  This guard has the benefits of retaining tooth position, minimizing tooth wear to keep the youthful display, and decreasing muscle activity. The decreased muscle activity has a subtle Botox-like effect, decreases headaches and migranines, and lastly, decreases TMJ issues in the future. 


And what about those who weren’t born lucky and/or didn’t have ideal orthodontics, or whose tooth wear decreased the youthful display of teeth? It is never too late to have the youthful smile of your dreams. This 50 year old gentleman had very little tooth display due to tooth position and wear. Restoring his smile gave him a newfound confidence and desire to smile.  



There are many tools to give you a youthful smile, from braces and Invisalign to bonding and porcelain veneers.  Here are some additional examples.



To find out if you are a good candidate for improving your smile, fill out your SmileFit Scorecard here or call us at (970)-925-7730 for a consultation.


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