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Prevention First

Dr. Turchin believes prevention is the key to long term dental health. With that in mind Dr.Turchin and his team of hygienists, Sally and Kristine, create preventive schedules customized for each of our patients based on their current health status and risk.

Like most dentists, Dr. Turchin pays close attention to the bacterial risk factors causing the 2 most well known diseases in dentistry, caries(cavities) and periodontal(gum disease). Thorough exams including gum measurements annually and x-rays at an interval determined by your individual risk, allow us to catch problems when they are small and easily treatable thus preventing more complex and expensive problems and treatment. A customized recall(cleanings or scalings) schedule is made for each patient to help prevent the progression of gum disease and prevent tooth loss.

In addition, Dr. Turchin and team pay close attention to 2 other risk factors less commonly discussed. One is functional or bite risk which effects the joint(TMJ), muscles(headaches), and teeth(worn short teeth). The other is esthetic or smile risk where factors such as tooth wear, tooth color, or malpositioning of teeth effect one’s smile.

All of these non-bacterial risk factors can be controlled to prevent the problems from getting worse. For instance an Orthotic, or specially fabricated nightguard, can prevent bite problems and their common side effects, such as headaches, tooth wear, and sore jaw. Smile risk can be mitigated by tooth retainers to prevent teeth from getting worse or Invisalign/braces to put them back in a more ideal position for your smile and bite. 

Rest assured, Dr. Turchin and his team are passionate about prevention of all oral disease and minimizing problems for our patients in the future.

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