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Dental Maintenance & Prevention

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If you already have healthy teeth, congratulations! You are better off than many of your peers! However, you know that maintenance and prevention is essential to keeping your teeth healthy. Without attentive care, your years of careful brushing, flossing, and dental visits will go down the drain.

Oral hygiene is the first step, but dental maintenance is much more than brushing and flossing at home. That is why you’re here. You want the best dental care possible to protect your smile long-term.

Preventive dentistry and maintenance is a top priority with Dr. Andrew Turchin. He and his team of dental hygienists can create a personalized preventive schedule for you based on your current health status and risk factors.

Addressing your every need is part of your dental maintenance plan. To protect your smile, we focus on the following:

Gum Disease Risk

Cavity Risk

Functional Risk

Smile Risk

Periodontal (Gum) Disease Risk

Bacteria can destroy a healthy smile if it is not kept at bay. Even proper brushing and flossing do not eliminate your risk of gum disease. We can help you avoid gum disease with dental monitoring and the right treatments.

Knowing that anyone can develop gum disease, we do careful examinations at regular intervals based on your risk factors. This allows our dental experts to be on alert at the first sign of any problem and immediately administer treatment to prevent escalation.

In addition to examinations, we create a customized recall schedule involving cleanings or scalings so that if gum disease begins, its progression can be stopped right away. This careful and proactive approach is how we help you prevent tooth loss and long-term problems.

He is truly a master of his craft!

Friends and family comment on how good I look but cant figure out exactly what the change is. I love it that way. I did not want to look like I had a false white toothed smile that one could see from across the room. I still look totally like myself but better. I would highly recommend Dr. Turchin and his entire team! In fact, I have, to many friends!

Barbara Lee  //  Patient of Dr. Turchin

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Dental Caries/Cavity Risk

We all have those foods we can’t resist. A little indulgence in candy or sweet treats is perfectly normal every now and then! Unfortunately, too much sugar allows bacteria to thrive. Excess bacteria in your mouth can lead to cavities—holes in your teeth that can eventually lead to tooth loss.

With regular check-ups and maintenance, Dr. Turchin pays close attention to your bacterial risk. Our examinations and evaluations make it possible to identify even the earliest signs of dental caries so that we can quickly and easily treat them.

A customized recall schedule with regular dental cleanings will help you avoid cavities and protect your teeth. When fillings are needed, Dr. Turchin uses the same care as he would for a full reconstruction. The health of your smile is in good hands here!

Going forward Dr. Turchin will be my primary dentist

I visited this practice for the first time last week after chipping my tooth and am extremely pleased with Dr. Turchin’s work. Based on this experience, going forward Dr. Turchin will be my primary dentist. Also, the practice’s staff are extremely friendly and efficient.

Sarah H.  //  Patient of Dr. Turchin

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Functional Risk

Most people know that bacteria put their teeth and gums at risk, but did you know that there are other risks that have nothing to do with bacteria at all? In fact, your well-being is also affected by some factors that are completely outside of your control. For example, if you have TMD or you grind your teeth in your sleep, you could have headaches, a sore jaw, and worn-down teeth!

Dr. Turchin will assess your functional or bite risk to prevent any long-term problems. Depending on your functional risk, you might need proactive treatment to prevent bite problems, headaches, and worn teeth. This might include a specially made nightguard or other solutions to prevent problems and side effects.

Assessing your functional risk and developing any necessary treatments will help you protect your teeth from wear and tear. And it may even stop those headaches!

Another wonderful experience at Dr Turchin’s office

“Had another wonderful experience at Dr Turchin’s office Wednesday. While they worked on my teeth seamlessly, I was able to view the movie ‘Stripes’ on the office monitor. I hadn’t seen this movie since the year it came out so it was especially nice to be able to see it while i was being worked on. It made me smile and helped pass the time. I was even allowed to stay another half hour to see the conclusion. That kind of care is what makes this office so special! And that’s the fact, Jack!”

Andrew L.  //  Patient of Dr. Turchin

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Smile Risk

A healthy smile is usually straight, even, and white. Your healthy teeth are the envy of those around you! But at-home oral hygiene and regular cleanings may not be enough to keep them looking their best.

As part of your oral health care, Dr. Turchin will evaluate non-bacterial risk factors including your smile risk. Depending on your risk, he may recommend a proactive aesthetic treatment.

If your teeth look straight but are slightly overcrowded, or if they have shifted between your last appointment and now, a custom-made retainer or Invisalign® can stop things from progressing and keep your smile and bite in their proper place.

Additionally, to maintain your smile as you age, Dr. Turchin will use his expertise to make sure that your smile is optimized for the best face and lip support. This will not only help your smile stay healthy, but will slow facial aging so that you look younger longer!

I absolutely recommend this office to anyone...

Dr. Turchin is absolutely the best cosmetic dentist. His passion for his craft, the pride he takes in his work, and his attention to detail is very reassuring and refreshing. Dr. Turchin and his team are very professional and gentle and everyone is really friendly. I absolutely recommend this office to anyone who is looking for a great dentist.

Gina Dorfman  //  Patient of Dr. Turchin

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