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Our Team Trip to NYC

A couple of weeks ago, we took the opportunity to go to NYC with the team for some fun and learning. We arrived in NYC on Wednesday and took the opportunity to do some sightseeing, eat some REAL NYC pizza (no offense New York Pizza in Aspen) at the one and only Joe’s pizza, and even say hello to Mario Batali on the street! Ironically, we were just talking about going to his restaurant, Otto, that night and he appeared in his signature black fleece vest and orange crock! Dinner was fun and tasty. Everyone was surprised at how amazing Olive Oil Ice Cream could taste.  For the foodies on our team, saying hello to Mario on the street and then eating at his restaurant later was a great start to our trip.

Thursday morning we headed into the office to see one special patient that insists on still seeing me in NYC to insert his porcelain restorations.  Then, we headed over to Shake Shack for one of the best fast food burgers in the world. Everyone agreed that its even better than In and Out Burger.  Thursday afternoon was a day of sightseeing for the girls and my hanging out with my nephew Sebastian and twin niece and nephew Sloan and Aramis.

That evening, we headed up to Hartford, CT where our seminar was being held. Up bright and early and we had 2 great days of team building!  We had a blast Friday night at the Pearl Jam concert nearby at the XL Center and were up bright and early for the second day. I was really impressed with everyone’s participation and learning. I really couldn’t ask for a better team.

Saturday night, we got back to NYC for another night on the town. The girls, Tanya, Gina, and Karin, went out to some West Village restaurants and bars to sample the famous NYC nightlife.  My fiancee, Gina and I went out to Corsino(one of favorite Italian restaurants/wine bars) to meet some good friends and our web developers for our side project CE Destinations, a website designed to promote fun travel Continuing Education courses in fun places- much like we did with this trip.  As we say on the site, “Learn, Travel, and Play”. Although designed for Professionals, feel free to check out the site at www.CEDestinations.com which is currently in Beta and feel free to email us any feedback at CEDestinations@gmail.com.

Sunday, our last day in the city, the girls went sightseeing to the WTC Memorial, Central Park, FAO Schwartz and more!  Gina and I spent it with my brother and family for the kids halloween party in the West Village.  Then, we all headed back on a late afternoon flight.

It was a whirlwind trip filled with fun and learning.  I know our office will do plenty more of these and through our website www.CEDestinations.com , we are hoping to motivate other dental offices around the country to do the same. Learn, Travel, and Play !! Or in our case: Learn, Travel, Eat, and Play.

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