Amalgam Replacement - Aspen, CO | Andrew Turchin, DMD

Amalgam Replacement

We replace amalgam (silver fillings) with various tooth colored restorations for multiple reasons. Some patients dislike the look of the silver, others are concerned with the possible health effects of the mercury in these fillings, while others have new decay around or under the fillings. Also, silver fillings tend to expand and contract differently than tooth structure with changes in temperature, thus they tend to crack the surrounding tooth much like streets crack in the wintertime.

There are 2 different types of tooth colored fillings with which we restore these teeth. Composite fillings are sculpted directly in the mouth while porcelain restorations are custom fabricated in a laboratory on a model of your tooth and is much stronger than composite. Rest assured, that either way your tooth will be restored back to its natural beauty and function. In addition, our protocol for amalgam removal is under isolation and high speed suction to prevent any possible exposure to harmful mercury vapors.