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Our Promises

We are committed to our patients and community near and far. These are our promises to all of our patients.

  1. Treat each patient like we would our mother, father, or children.
  2. Thus explain all of the options and the benefits of each so you can make an informed decision.
  3. Scour the world for the best techniques, protocols, materials and most importantly, people, to help give the very best dental care.
  4. Spread the knowledge of SmileFit, and predictable, natural, beautiful smiles throughout the world for as many dentists and their patients to experience the benefits.
  5. Charge a fair price for our care.  This may not be the cheapest as that wouldn’t allow us to provide the very best care, but we will offer a good cost/benefit ratio.
  6. Constantly improve protocols and systems to add predictability and longevity to the care we provide.
  7. Provide cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry based on the very best nature has to offer – natural, beautiful, and long lasting.
  8. Offer thorough preventive dentistry designed to minimize or eliminate future dental treatment.
  9. Help our patients with their overall health such as headache treatment and Sleep Apnea screening and treatment.
  10. We GUARANTEE you’ll love your smile when trusting us with this important feature of yourself. See details here.


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