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Our Process – 5 Things That Set Us Apart

Here is what sets us apart from all other dentists…

  1. Comprehensive exam and discussion with new patients. We take the time to know you and your goals so we can meet them. You will know all of your options and the risks and rewards with doing each. 
  2. Begin with the end in mind. We listen to your goals and help you get there. When doing cosmetic reconstructions, we plan ahead what the outcome should be, we test it with your Trial Smile, and only proceed when you love your new smile. Our Double Blueprint Process guarantees you’ll love your new smile
  3. Painless injections!!! Yes, even in the sensitive area at the front of the mouth.
  4. Financial options ranging from prepayment courtesy up to a 4 year payment plan.
  5. Our goal is long term health and beauty based on the very best nature has to offer. Our restorations look and feel like optimum natural teeth.  Click here to see some examples
  6. We pay attention to your face and can help improve fine lines, lip support, and slow facial aging process by making sure your face and lips are supported by the teeth and muscles are relaxed by proper jaw posture. Relaxed muscles age slower and show less lines now.
  7. Comfortable dental appointments including blanket and movies with noise cancellation headphones.
  8. Top NYC dentist now at approximately 30 percent less than his NYC fees. Read our reviews here.

Sorry that was 8. There are plenty more, but we’ll stop there!

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