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Kick off Spring with a New Smile – Locals Special

Are you happy and confident with your smile?


Give yourself the gift of a new smile this spring! We are hosting an Invisalign Day Monday, April 24th where you will receive:


A Complimentary Consultation and $1,000 off the cost of your treatment, which includes Tooth Whitening at no extra charge. (Space is limited to 6 Patients) 

Invisalign is often the most comfortable and unobtrusive way to achieve the smile of your dreams. These clear aligners quickly move crooked, crowded, spaced, or otherwise malpositioned teeth into the perfect position for health and beauty. In our office, we use the latest technology to safely double or triple the speed of tooth movement to quickly give you the smile of your dreams!

As with all of Dr. Turchin’s Smile Designs, he positions teeth for optimal esthetics, function (the bite), and face support to slow the aging process. For many patients this is the ideal anti-aging dentistry, instead of braces or veneers. To find out more call our office today to book your complimentary 30 min consultation on Monday, April 24th.


For more information on our Invisalign process click here:


Not sure if you are a good candidate for Invisalign? Previously told you are not?


Find out from the expert. Dr. Turchin has been using Invisalign for over 15 years and is an Invisalign Preferred Provider. He treats complicated orthodontic movements like the animation below.


Most patients can be treated with Invisalign successfully.



PS. If you are unhappy with your smile and are not sure what the best treatment is, find out your options from the smile expert. Receive 15% off other cosmetic treatments such as Porcelain Veneers, Bonding, Whitening, or Dr. Turchin’s Anti-Aging Smile™.


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