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Headaches, Teeth Grinding,
& Sleep/Breathing Issues

Ease or Even Eliminate These Symptoms

Have you ever woken up feeling more tired than you felt the night before? Have you ever noticed your jaw is sore, or your teeth hurt when you wake up? Do you have frequent headaches or cracks in your teeth that you can’t explain?

These symptoms could all be because of dental-related issues. TMD, bruxism, and sleep apnea affect millions of people and might be the reason you’re experiencing these side effects.

You might be thinking that if you had any of these issues, you’d already know it. But plenty of our patients have no idea why they have these symptoms and didn’t even know Dr. Andrew Turchin could help! You might not know you grind your teeth in your sleep, or you may not realize that those headaches could be because of your teeth instead of your stressful work life.

We understand how debilitating these symptoms can be, and we want to help. With treatment, we can ease and even eliminate many of the issues associated with these common dental-related issues.

Dr. Turchin and his team are prepared to help you resolve side effects associated with:

Headaches / Sore Jaw

Teeth Grinding

Sleep / Breathing

Headaches/Sore Jaw

Headaches and jaw pain are more than just a nuisance. Sometimes they are incapacitating and prevent you from being able to function normally. How many times have you woken up with a headache on the day of an important business meeting or what should be a relaxing vacation?

The position of your jaw and how your teeth align could be the reason. If you have a jaw disorder (sometimes called TMJ or TMD), we can provide treatment to reduce your discomfort.

One of the strategies we use is a custom orthotic night guard for you to wear on your upper teeth at night. This will help your jaw to relax and minimize your headaches and muscle soreness. Over time, this can even help to reduce facial wrinkles and under-eye bags so that you feel AND look more refreshed!

My headaches are gone

Dr. Andrew Turchin takes the time to get to know his patients and really learn about their needs. I told him I thought my bite was off and that I was considering doing Invisalign. However, it also came up that I was waking up with headaches most mornings, and Dr. Turchin suggested that we try a night guard first. Now, my headaches are gone — I can’t explain how huge that is. It’s amazing that something so simple has helped me sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed instead of exhausted and in pain. I will continue to see Dr. Turchin and highly recommend him to others. His listening ear and attention to a person’s overall health make him a great dentist who can have a long-lasting impact on his patients.

Jill  //  Patient of Dr. Turchin

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Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is incredibly common, especially during sleep. If you don’t have a regular sleep partner, you may not even know you do it. Grinding your teeth at night can cause all sorts of issues ranging from headaches and jaw pain to worn down, cracked, broken, or loose teeth!

Relaxation and meditation techniques can help you control teeth grinding, but they won’t stop it completely. It’s best to take a more proactive approach with dental treatment. No one wants to imagine the day that they might need crowns or implants because they’ve ground their teeth to bits!

You can save your teeth and minimize jaw and headache pain with bruxism (teeth grinding) treatment. We will devise a custom orthotic night guard for you to wear every night so that your teeth will be protected from damage and your jaw muscles will relax.

If your teeth have already been worn down by grinding, don’t despair! We can rebuild your teeth to restore a beautiful and functional smile. Using a personalized strategic approach, Dr. Andrew Turchin will work with you to come up with ideal solutions to rescue your teeth and prevent any further damage or discomfort.

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Dr. Turchin deserves a medal! My Headaches are gone...

Totally fixed my problem, the dentist here (Dr Turchin) deserves a medal! While in the UK my jaws were constantly in pain, I thought I had cavities all over. I went to a local practice and the dentist there prescribed a crazy expensive treatment plan and told me it was a huge deal... I came to Dr Turchins office while in Aspen to get a second opinion, he took some X-rays and showed me the real problem is that I grind my teeth at night and it's wearing my teeth down. Within 5 minutes he made me a simple night guard and after a few days of using it the headaches are gone totally...

Miguel Angel  //  Google Reviewer

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Sleep/Breathing Issues

Sleep: we never feel like we get enough of it! But even after 8 hours of sleep, you might still feel exhausted. If this sounds familiar, you could have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

If you have OSA, your airways collapse while you sleep so that you stop breathing. Your body reacts by jolting you awake (or into a lighter sleep state) so that you start breathing normally again. This can happen hundreds of times in one night! It’s no wonder your sleep is never as restful as it should be.

Our team can organize a thorough evaluation to determine what method of sleep medicine is best for you. Using the best technology and experts, we will combine screening, testing, treatment, education, and more to improve your quality of sleep. One treatment strategy might include wearing a mouth guard at night to force your airways to stay open so that you can breathe normally while you sleep

Another wonderful experience at Dr Turchin’s office

“Had another wonderful experience at Dr Turchin’s office Wednesday. While they worked on my teeth seamlessly, I was able to view the movie ‘Stripes’ on the office monitor. I hadn’t seen this movie since the year it came out so it was especially nice to be able to see it while i was being worked on. It made me smile and helped pass the time. I was even allowed to stay another half hour to see the conclusion. That kind of care is what makes this office so special! And that’s the fact, Jack!”

Andrew L.  //  Patient of Dr. Turchin

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