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Headache & TMJ Therapy

We know how debilitating headaches and facial pain can be. They are often the result of how your teeth come together, or the position of your jaw joint.

We treat this conservatively with a special night guard called an orthotic, which is just a thin plastic covering for your upper teeth. The orthotic allows your jaw to be positioned in the most relaxed posture. It helps the jaw relax so that headaches and muscle soreness are reduced.

The unintentional but welcomed side effects of wearing the night guard are subtle aesthetic improvements of the face, such as reduced bags under the eyes and decreased wrinkling over time. The benefits of relaxed jaw muscles are well known to decrease aging and wrinkling as popularized by Botox. A relaxed jaw position shares some of these benefits as well, without the injection of a drug.

TMD, or Temporomandibular disorder, is a group of disorders of the TMJ (Temporomandibular joint or jaw joint), and the related ligaments and muscles of the face and mastication. The symptoms range from headaches, to aching of the muscles, and ringing in the ears. Both TMD symptoms and headaches often are related to problems in the bite. In fact, one of the devices we use is FDA approved for migraine treatment.Dealing with bite problems through Orthotic Therapy (fabrication and periodic adjustment of a bite guard worn mostly at night) has been shown to decrease migraines and tension headaches, muscle soreness, tooth sensitivity, and even “bags” under one’s eyes. In fact, the lack of tension in the jaw and the muscles seem to decrease signs of facial aging, such as wrinkling. Orthotic Therapy is the most comprehensive preventive procedure we do since it decreases problems in the entire system, including decreasing pain associated with TMD and headaches.

Jill’s Official Testimonial on our Google+ Page

“Dr. Andrew Turchin takes the time to get to know his patients and really learn about their needs. I told him I thought my bite was off and that I was considering doing Invisalign. However, it also came up that I was waking up with headaches most mornings, and Dr. Turchin suggested that we try a night guard first. Now, my headaches are gone — I can’t explain how huge that is. It’s amazing that something so simple has helped me sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed instead of exhausted and in pain. I will continue to see Dr. Turchin and highly recommend him to others. His listening ear and attention to a person’s overall health make him a great dentist who can have a long-lasting impact on his patients.”

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