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Dr. Turchin’s Latest Dental Lecture

I just returned from Snowbird, UT where I spoke about Beginning With The End In Mind. Our Dual Blueprint Method, as described in our last blog post, was a major focus of that lecture. Feel free to check out that blog for more details on how we guarantee success in our cosmetic and reconstructive dental procedures.


In addition, I spoke about starting with a model of ideal health for our patients, using great systems and checklists to ensure the best practices and the best care. These are great examples of the idea of Beginning With the End In Mind made popular in Steven Covey’s 7 Habits. I highly recommend using this idea in your work and life. His other ideas are very powerful as well. 



Dr. Ryan Tamburinno, a great Orthodontist and lecturer discussed bruxism, or grinding, and how it relates to width of the upper jaw.


My mentor and greatest influence in dentistry, Dr. Jeff McClendon, spoke about lips and kissing. Or at least that is what his provocative title suggested. His always interesting take on the face, lips, and the structures that support them was enlightening for all.


It was a great weekend of learning, teaching, and fun with colleagues from all over the country. Special thanks to Jeff McClendon and Ryan Tamburrino for the constant contributions to our knowledge of dentistry.


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