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Do you want a New Smile?

Patients often discuss their desire for a new smile.  They may ask for things like a whole new smile, a smile makeover, or an extreme makeover.  Sometimes, patients are right on in their belief and do need extensive treatment to get their desired results.  But other times patients might not need a brand new smile, they may just need a couple of porcelain veneers.  Other times they can achieve the desired result with some Teeth Whitening, or a short treatment with Invisalign (Invisible Braces), or any combination of the above.  The end result is what looks like a brand new smile, but is really just a few tweaks.  The only way to know for sure what the best treatment is for you, is to sit down with a conservative cosmetic dentist with much experience in minimally invasive cosmetics, and discuss your desires and the treatment choices available to get your New Smile.

Before and after pictures of dental veneers are below. Also, notice the before and after teeth whitening.

(Below) Before two veneers.

(Below) After two dental Veneers and after tooth whitening. Notice the improvement in the lower lip curvature.  This patient’s smile looks brand new by only treating the two most important teeth with veneers.  The other imperfections are not as noticeable.  An ethical cosmetic dentist will not try to sell you extras that you do not need.

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