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May 2016 Practice on Fire

Wow- another great weekend of learning and great times. I promised anyone that needed help finding more knowledge on cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, that I would help them best gain that knowledge. If you’d like help, fill out this Cosmetic Confidence Scorecard and I’ll contact you with my thoughts.



November 2015 Practice on Fire

Thank you for attending Practice on Fire! I enjoyed every minute of the weekend and getting to know you all better.

We’ll have the lecture video up as soon as we receive it. Below, you’ll find the video of the CR Bite technique I mentioned in the lecture.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly at my personal email:

If you’re interested in one on one mentoring to become confident and efficient at life changing reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry, email me with your interest.  I am only mentoring 2 dentists per year so I can focus on each of their success.

All the best,