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Improving Unnatural Looking Veneers

Dr. Turchin is renowned for his natural looking veneers. Patients seek him out from all over the country to reshape or remake their unnatural looking veneers. Shape is considered the most important aspect of natural teeth, followed by color.

Often Dr. Turchin can reshape an existing set of veneers to improve their realism and aesthetics. On occasion, however, the porcelains lack of depth of color and monochromatic shading is still too distracting, so patients will choose to have them remade by our artisan ceramist Federico Lacco



This 45 year old patient complained of having 4 front veneers that he didn’t think looked natural. Although the ideal treatment for the most natural look would be to remake them in beautiful handcrafted porcelain by our ceramist Federico Lacco, the patient opted to see if Dr. Turchin could adjust the shape, contour, and texture to improve the realism. This patient was ecstatic at the results of his short appointment to do just that. Not ideal, but much more natural. This is a great example of how the smallest details in shape and texture can be the difference between unnatural looking veneers (often referred to as chicklets) or natural looking veneers.

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