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Do you want a New Smile?

Patients often discuss their desire for a new smile.  They may ask for things like a whole new smile, a smile makeover, or an extreme makeover.  Sometimes, patients are right on in their belief and do need extensive treatment to get their desired results.  But other times patients might not need a brand new smile, they may just need a couple of porcelain veneers.  Other times they can achieve the desired result with some Teeth Whitening, or a short treatment with Invisalign (Invisible Braces), or any combination of the above.  The end result is what looks like a brand new smile, but is really just a few tweaks.  The only way to know for sure what the best treatment is for you, is to sit down with a conservative cosmetic dentist with much experience in minimally invasive cosmetics, and discuss your desires and the treatment choices available to get your New Smile.

Before and after pictures of dental veneers are below.

Dr. Turchin’s Latest Dental Lecture

I just returned from Snowbird, UT where I spoke about Beginning With The End In Mind. Our Dual Blueprint Method, as described in our last blog post, was a major focus of that lecture. Feel free to check out that blog for more details on how we guarantee success in our cosmetic and reconstructive dental procedures.


In addition, I spoke about starting with a model of ideal health for our patients, using great systems and checklists to ensure the best practices and the best care. These are great examples of the idea of Beginning With the End In Mind made popular in Steven Covey’s 7 Habits. I highly recommend using this idea in your work and life. His other ideas are very powerful as well. 



Dr. Ryan Tamburinno, a great Orthodontist and lecturer discussed bruxism, or grinding, and how it relates to width of the upper jaw.


My mentor and greatest influence in dentistry, Dr. Jeff McClendon, spoke about lips and kissing. Or at least that is what his provocative title suggested. His always interesting take on the face, lips, and the structures that support them was enlightening for all.


It was a great weekend of learning, teaching, and fun with colleagues from all over the country. Special thanks to Jeff McClendon and Ryan Tamburrino for the constant contributions to our knowledge of dentistry.


Click here for more information about Dr. Ryan Tamburinno

Click here for more information about Dr. Jeff McClendon


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Our Process – 5 Things That Set Us Apart

Here is what sets us apart from all other dentists…

  1. Comprehensive exam and discussion with new patients. We take the time to know you and your goals so we can meet them. You will know all of your options and the risks and rewards with doing each. 
  2. Begin with the end in mind. We listen to your goals and help you get there. When doing cosmetic reconstructions, we plan ahead what the outcome should be, we test it with your Trial Smile, and only proceed when you love your new smile. Our Double Blueprint Process guarantees you’ll love your new smile
  3. Painless injections!!! Yes, even in the sensitive area at the front of the mouth.
  4. Financial options ranging from prepayment courtesy up to a 4 year payment plan.
  5. Our goal is long term health and beauty based on the very best nature has to offer. Our restorations look and feel like optimum natural teeth.  Click here to see some examples
  6. We pay attention to your face and can help improve fine lines, lip support, and slow facial aging process by making sure your face and lips are supported by the teeth and muscles are relaxed by proper jaw posture. Relaxed muscles age slower and show less lines now.
  7. Comfortable dental appointments including blanket and movies with noise cancellation headphones.
  8. Top NYC dentist now at approximately 30 percent less than his NYC fees. Read our reviews here.

Sorry that was 8. There are plenty more, but we’ll stop there!

What are Worn Teeth or Short Teeth?

Short teeth are commonly caused by excessive wear from grinding teeth during the day or more commonly during sleep.  Often patients don’t even realize they are doing it until I bring it to their attention.  But the results are obvious. Short teeth can ruin ones smile and also increases the likelihood of other jaw problems such as TMJ, headaches, and muscle soreness. Once the enamel is worn through, the destruction continues at an increased rate, approximately eight times as fast.

So, the question to ask yourself is:

Short Teeth: How short is enough to be a problem?

For some, it’s losing 20 percent and for others it’s 50 percent.  Once you’ve decided it’s a problem, the question is what to do about it.  Commonly, treatment consists of placing porcelain veneers to regain what is lost.  Although I think veneers are a great treatment (at least when done artistically and technically correct to mimic the best nature has to offer), I prefer to first understand what caused the problem and to avoid repeating the same problems. This way, we treat not just the symptom (worn teeth), but also the cause (tooth grinding).

Teeth Grinding:

Now the tricky part: what causes grinding? Stress is certainly one component, but bad occlusion is often the culprit as well.  Occlusion is basically a big word to describe the system of your jaw muscles, jaw joints, and teeth working in unison, or not. These structures need to be in balance with each other or else one of them suffers.  For some people, it’s teeth getting short and worn, for other people they have sore muscle or headaches, while some have TMJ problems.  Sounds simple but is easily the most misunderstood thing in dentistry because of the limited teaching in dental school of this very complex system.

A cosmetic dentist specializing in worn, short teeth.

So do yourself a favor, when seeking advice on beautifying your worn smile, consider seeing someone that has extensive postgraduate training and a passion for how the system can be healthy, beautiful, natural looking and have longevity.  I call it “SmileFit” because it reminds me so much of overall fitness which has similar benefits of looking good, feeling good and withstanding stress better.

To schedule a consultation in Aspen, CO to learn your options for improving your smile and health please call (970) 925-7730.

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Do you want a New Smile?

Patients often discuss their desire for a new smile.  They may ask for things like a whole new smile, a smile makeover, or an extreme makeover.  Sometimes, patients are right on in their belief and do need extensive treatment to get their desired results.  But other times patients might not need a brand new smile, they may just need a couple of porcelain veneers.  Other times they can achieve the desired result with some Teeth Whitening, or a short treatment with Invisalign (Invisible Braces), or any combination of the above.  The end result is what looks like a brand new smile, but is really just a few tweaks.  The only way to know for sure what the best treatment is for you, is to sit down with a conservative cosmetic dentist with much experience in minimally invasive cosmetics, and discuss your desires and the treatment choices available to get your New Smile.

Before and after pictures of dental veneers are below. Also, notice the before and after teeth whitening.

(Below) Before two veneers.

(Below) After two dental Veneers and after tooth whitening. Notice the improvement in the lower lip curvature.  This patient’s smile looks brand new by only treating the two most important teeth with veneers.  The other imperfections are not as noticeable.  An ethical cosmetic dentist will not try to sell you extras that you do not need.

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most predictable and long lasting ways to replace a missing tooth.  When a tooth is lost or missing, a dental implant is a titanium post that integrates into the jaw bone to replace the missing root off the tooth.

The other alternatives are a fixed or removable bridge.  The removable option is bulky and sometimes unstable thus is only used as a last resort.  A bridge is the next best option and has the advantage of its speed of fabrication as compared to an implant’s integration time.  But a bridge involves the teeth on either side which can overstress those teeth and make replacement costs higher over the long run.

The ideal option for tooth replacement is a dental implant whenever possible because it looks and feels just like a tooth, and over a patient’s lifetime, should cost less.

For specific questions regarding implants, call our Aspen, CO office at (970) 925-7730 for a consultation today.

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Invisalign: Invisible Braces

Whether for improving a smile’s beauty or improving one’s function, Invisalign is often an easy, predictable way to get the results we want.


Dr Turchin’s expertise is to improve both function and aesthetics when making changes as the very best position of teeth idealizes both esthetics and function. Treatment time can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years depending on the severity of the problem.


To find out about your specific treatment times or for more information, call us at our Aspen dental practice to schedule an appointment today.



More information:

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign ® is way to straighten your teeth without braces. Invisalign® is also referred by many as Invisible Braces, Clear Braces, Adult Braces, Adult Orthodontics. Invisalign ® uses a series of clear removable aligners to straighten your teeth without metal wires or brackets. Invisalign ® has been proven effective in clinical research and in orthodontic practices nationwide.


How Does Invisalign® Work?

You wear each set of aligners for about 2 weeks, removing them only to eat, drink, brush, and floss. As you replace each aligner with the next in the series, your teeth will move – little by little, week by week – until they have straightened to the final position your doctor has prescribed. You’ll visit the dental practice about once every 6 weeks to ensure that your Invisalign® orthodontic treatment is progressing as planned. Total treatment time averages 9-15 months and the average number of aligners worn during treatment is between 18 and 30, but both will vary from case to case.


How Are Invisalign® Aligners Made?

The aligners are made through a combination of the expertise of our dental staff and 3-D computer imaging technology.


Where can I get Invisalign in Aspen, CO?

Dr. Andrew Turchin, DMD conveniently offers Invisalign out of his office located at 420 W. Main Street Aspen, CO 81611. To learn more about Invisalign, please call our Aspen, CO office to schedule an appointment.


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Goldilocks Secret to Health and Beauty

Aspen CO Dentist Shares Goals for Creating Perfect Bites and Smiles

We all know the goldilocks fairy tale. And although getting things just perfect, not too hot and not too cold was a metaphore about the dangers of getting things just right, sometimes in life, perfection is a truly noble and important goal.


In our practice, we strive for perfection in all the places that matter: good sealed restoration margins so there is little chance of new decay, beautiful smiles which are perfect in their ability to support the face and lips, while looking like one was born extremely lucky to have the perfect smile, life-like colors of our restorations so that no one knows they weren’t man made. But no item is as important as the perfect bite.


Patients often apologize for being picky while we fine tune their bite or occlusion. Just today a young college student who just had a 10 fillings done the day before while he was home for a break, said “sorry I’m so picky” at his post op visit as we carefully perfected his bite. Sure, it might seem strange to a patient that first it feels high on the right and then on the left, then the very back right, then. The front left. But it doesn’t seem too picky for  to us.


This seems perfectly normal to us because we understand the complexity of the occlusal system, or system of muscles, teeth and bite. It is easy to simplify the idea that the system works like a hinge, always repeating the same bite. The reality is that the muscles and joint are mobile so the jaw can close differently each time, just like our tennis swing can follow a different path each time. Thus, in many ways, the perfect bite is a moving target. Therefore very hard to get right.


Yet, there is an ideal way to make this bite repeatable, stable and perfect. It involves stabilizing the joint in the most stable condylar position, or in the socket… where I just like to call home. It’s the posture that is most ideal because it can’t slip further into the socket.


When adjusting the bite to this joint position, it can remain stable and repeatable for years. This has the benefits of your tooth contacts being even, thus not overloading any teeth or causing, wear, cracks, gum recession, and gum line tooth loss. It can also keep the joint healthier for life. And amazingly, when the bite is goldilocks perfect, with the perfect jaw posture and the perfect tooth contacts, the muscles are less active. Less active muscles cause less wrinkling of the facial skin than over active muscles dealing with a bad jaw posture.


So, in this version of goldilocks, just right matters. The perfect bite will keep you healthy and aging  gracefully.


Our Dual Blueprint Method

Assuring the perfect smile for each patient at our Aspen CO Dentist Office

I recently received an emergency call for a patient visiting Aspen who fell off off her bike and broke her temporary veneers. Practicing in Aspen, such an active sporting vacation destination, we see many such injuries. Luckily, the remainder of her injuries were just a few scratches and bruises. And of course, we put her smile back together in short order.

But an interesting discovery came from this meeting – one that makes me want to educate the world on the best process to insure the perfect smile for each person. In the consult room, the patient mentioned that she liked the temporaries but wanted the permanents shorter. Her dentist assured her the permanents would be made shorter.

My question for her dentist would be how much shorter? How can one expect to get the shape and length of the PERMANENT veneers correct if the temporary ones are not? What blueprint is the lab working with to fabricate the permanent porcelain veneers? Once the permanent restorations are fabricated, the only way to see if they are correct is to bond them permanently to the teeth and HOPE the patient likes them.

It seems to me that if the shape and length aren’t carefully tested and accepted by the patient in the temporary stage, only luck would get the permanents to be exactly right for that patient. In fact, the technique of letting the laboratory design the esthetics of a smile is what I refer to as “Prep and Pray”. In that process, a dentist prepares the teeth, and prays that the lab somehow gets the patient’s smile perfect, while working far away on a model of the patient’s mouth without the benefit of seeing the lips, face, jaw and muscles.

It would truly be a miracle if they got the esthetics, function, and phonetics (speech) correct in the laboratory without first having it tested in the mouth. The shape of front teeth has many effects, such as saying “s” sounds correctly, guiding your jaw properly in chewing, affecting the shape of the lower lip, and giving you a natural beautiful smile.

Since the shape of the front teeth is so important, we should never leave the results to chance. Teeth vary in length and shape, and it is a special art to design the smile for ones face and jaw. It is impossible to be sure of the results being correct without first trying them in the mouth. And trying the shape out in the permanents is much too late. They will already be bonded to your teeth permanently!
The far better process is our Dual Blueprint Method. First, the laboratory changes the teeth on the model to reflect what might be the correct tooth shape for you. (In my practice I do this myself because I have a vision for each patient and don’t trust a far removed technician to have the best vision for you).


Next, on the big day, we reshape your teeth as necessary, and transfer the blueprint on the model into your mouth. This is the second blueprint.  We don’t say “don’t worry these are just temps” Instead we say, “please pay close attention to the look, feel and speech of the blueprint that you are wearing and come back in a few days to let us know what you think. We will make any changes neccesary, and only when you are fully satisfied with the shape of the temporaries/blueprint, will we take a quick impression and photographs for the laboratory to duplicate that shape in the permanents.”


Dual Blueprint Method for Perfect Cosmetic Dentistry and Veneers



No prep and pray! Instead we design your smile on the models, test it in your mouth and in your smile, fine tune it to perfection, and duplicate exactly what you like and tested. This is what I call the Dual Blueprint Method. This process guarantees your satisfaction!

I’m so adamant that this process is followed because it guarantees success, and because we have the ability to do so. I’m sure patients and plastic surgeons would love to try a nose on before finalizing a nose job. But they can’t. Amazingly we can try on a smile, and we must take advantage of the opportunity!

Of course, this process relies on a dentist to fully understand the art and science of tooth shape and position. When looking for a cosmetic dentist to change your smile, ask them if they use a similar blueprint process. Also, ask to see pictures of patients and look to see if the temporary restorations and the permanents match relatively closely. This is the hallmark of using this process correctly and it’s the only process which can virtually guarantee you loving your new smile.

Our Team Trip to NYC

A couple of weeks ago, we took the opportunity to go to NYC with the team for some fun and learning. We arrived in NYC on Wednesday and took the opportunity to do some sightseeing, eat some REAL NYC pizza (no offense New York Pizza in Aspen) at the one and only Joe’s pizza, and even say hello to Mario Batali on the street! Ironically, we were just talking about going to his restaurant, Otto, that night and he appeared in his signature black fleece vest and orange crock! Dinner was fun and tasty. Everyone was surprised at how amazing Olive Oil Ice Cream could taste.  For the foodies on our team, saying hello to Mario on the street and then eating at his restaurant later was a great start to our trip.

Thursday morning we headed into the office to see one special patient that insists on still seeing me in NYC to insert his porcelain restorations.  Then, we headed over to Shake Shack for one of the best fast food burgers in the world. Everyone agreed that its even better than In and Out Burger.  Thursday afternoon was a day of sightseeing for the girls and my hanging out with my nephew Sebastian and twin niece and nephew Sloan and Aramis.

That evening, we headed up to Hartford, CT where our seminar was being held. Up bright and early and we had 2 great days of team building!  We had a blast Friday night at the Pearl Jam concert nearby at the XL Center and were up bright and early for the second day. I was really impressed with everyone’s participation and learning. I really couldn’t ask for a better team.

Saturday night, we got back to NYC for another night on the town. The girls, Tanya, Gina, and Karin, went out to some West Village restaurants and bars to sample the famous NYC nightlife.  My fiancee, Gina and I went out to Corsino(one of favorite Italian restaurants/wine bars) to meet some good friends and our web developers for our side project CE Destinations, a website designed to promote fun travel Continuing Education courses in fun places- much like we did with this trip.  As we say on the site, “Learn, Travel, and Play”. Although designed for Professionals, feel free to check out the site at which is currently in Beta and feel free to email us any feedback at

Sunday, our last day in the city, the girls went sightseeing to the WTC Memorial, Central Park, FAO Schwartz and more!  Gina and I spent it with my brother and family for the kids halloween party in the West Village.  Then, we all headed back on a late afternoon flight.

It was a whirlwind trip filled with fun and learning.  I know our office will do plenty more of these and through our website , we are hoping to motivate other dental offices around the country to do the same. Learn, Travel, and Play !! Or in our case: Learn, Travel, Eat, and Play.

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