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Before & After Photos

Below are some examples of work done by Dr. Andrew Turchin. Each smile is custom designed for the patient’s taste and face, while always maintaining a natural look.

This 26-year-old woman came to us requesting Cathryn Zeta-Jones’ smile. She presented with moderate to severe wear on her front teeth because of a bite and tooth position problem. By correcting her tooth position and bite, her chewing stroke is no longer impeded by the position of her upper teeth. In addition, the new tooth position gives her more lip support for a fuller lip.  But most importantly, she likes her smile better than Cathryn Zeta-Jones’.

This gentleman was unhappy with the appearance of his teeth. We designed a new smile with veneers to improve his lower lip asymmetry.

This gentleman in his early 60’s had severe wear on his front teeth. He was content with his smile and concerned fixing his teeth would result in a “fake looking smile”.  Because we didn’t want his porcelain to break like his natural teeth did, we corrected the bite problems that had been a major factor in his teeth grinding and wear. He is extremely happy with his new balanced bite, which made his jaw more comfortable than ever, and his new natural and age appropriate smile.  Notice his improved lower lip curvature as we restored a natural unworn tooth length.

This 45yo patient complained of have 4 front veneers that he didn’t think looked natural. Although the ideal treatment for the most natural look would be to redo them in beautiful handcrafted porcelain by our ceramist Federico Lacco, the patient opted to see if I can adjust the shape, contour, and texture to improve the realism. The patient was ecstatic at the results of a short appointment to do just that. Not ideal, but much more natural. This is a great example at how the smallest details in shape and texture can be the difference between unnatural looking veneers(often referred to as chicklets) or natural looking veneers.

Procedures: Smile Makeover

This young woman was concerned about the small gap between her front teeth. Because her teeth and smile were nearly perfect, we simply bonded the small space a very small amount to each front tooth to close the space. The result is perfectly symmetrical front teeth to idealize her smile.  The procedure was non-invasive and did not even require an injection.

ProceduresSmile Makeover, Veneers

This 43 year old woman wanted bigger lighter teeth. We designed a smile that met those criteria and looked natural. The added bonus is the beneficial changes in her upper and especially her lower lip where the bumps are now gone. And with her corrected bite, her muscles should stay more relaxed giving a subtle botox like effect and slow down the aging process in the her long life ahead.

Procedures: Smile Makeover

This patient presented a desire for a whole new smile with at least 6 veneers. After careful study of his mouth, we determined that his misaligned lower teeth would cause early failure of his upper veneers. His options for long lasting results were narrowed to having braces or invisalign to align the lower front teeth, so they wouldn’t put stress on the upper veneers, or minimize the treatment to the front two teeth. He chose to skip the orthodontics and just work on his 2 front teeth. This is a great example of the power of getting the front two teeth perfect, to improve the whole smile. Notice the improved lower lip symmetry with the new veneers.

Procedures: Smile Makeover

This 65 year old gentleman came looking to improve his smile after he was widowed. His biggest concern was that his teeth wouldn’t look natural and that friends would know he had his teeth fixed.  Although the difference is notable in the side by side comparison, his goals were achieved. No one knew he had his teeth done because of how natural they looked – but he did get many comments about how great he looked and questions about what he’s been doing to look so fresh..

This 64 year old gentleman wanted lighter teeth. Examination revealed no enamel (the strong beautiful outside layer) left on much of his teeth due to years of acid reflux problems. He also had a bite that was imbalanced and causing discomfort.  We restored his mouth with porcelain crowns and veneers to a comfortable jaw position that allows his muscles to be more relaxed. He reported less head and neck muscle problems. And he was very excited by the look of his new smile.

This early 40’s woman desired to replace her yellowing bondings between her teeth with porcelain that wouldn’t stain. After our thorough smile analysis, it was determined that lengthening most of the teeth in her smile besides her front 2 teeth would yield a smile that was in harmony with the curve of her lower lip.  It had the wonderful side effect of improving the curve of her lips to give her an ideal smile – teeth, lips, and harmony between them.  This is one of those rare cases where one can take something that is beautiful and make it even more so!

This 62-year-old woman wished to rejuvenate her smile. With a full set of upper Porcelain Veneers, she was pleasantly surprised at how her new smile refreshed her entire face.

Procedures: Smile Makeover

This is another great example of improved lip symmetry after improving the teeth. This patient chose 10 upper and 6 lower veneers to improve the aesthetics and function of his smile.

Procedures:  Dental Veneers:

This 6’2″ ex-model wanted teeth that matched the rest of her beauty. She was ecstatic that her new smile of 10 veneers was both beautiful and natural. No one knew she had her teeth done. But she received many comments on how great she looked.

This 38 year old gentleman had previously had Invisalign but was never 100% satisfied with the results. Six Porcelain Veneers gave him a much improved smile. He exclaimed that he couldn’t believe he waited so long to improve his teeth.

This 40 year old woman was unhappy the discoloration of her front 2 teeth and requested a solution that would not discolor again. So, we decided on Porcelain Veneers that do not ever discolor. A thorough smile design with her input required 6 front teeth. But she also requested that we do little to no drilling on her teeth. We roughened the surface of her teeth without any anesthesia and had super thin veneers fabricated to give her the shape, length, and color she desired.

This young woman came to our practice unhappy with the wear and erosion on her teeth and was concerned about the long term implications for her health and beauty. We were able to rebuild her smile which also improved the curve of her lower lip. In addition, the form and function of her back teeth were restored to their natural sharp unworn state.  A perfect example of the integration of health and beauty.

The 3 before and after photos above show different angles of the same patient. Each shows some very important improvement to both function and aesthetics. This mid 20’s international ski racer complained of general dissatisfaction with his smile while in Aspen training for the Olympics. His exam revealed that most of his teeth couldn’t touch (the second image shows his bite before and after). The patient had already had orthodontics and declined orthodontics or orthognathic surgery to correct his bite. In addition, his upper lip did not have the support needed to have the ideal thickness, which you can see improved in the third photograph.

Without surgery, we were able to correct his smile, his bite, and give him a much fuller upper lip. As often happens when patients come for a smile improvement to our office, he left with improved function, health, and facial aesthetics.