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Completely White

Introducing Completely White, the latest Teeth Whitening System, designed and performed by Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Andrew Turchin. Befitting our quality care, the process is the most advanced, most comfortable and most luxurious on the market. In fact, we Guarantee ZERO sensitivity during or after the procedure.

What is the Completely White System?

The Completely White System consists of an In-Office process that take approximately 1 hour and uses the latest patented technology to whiten teeth quickly and without any sensitivity. In addition, the System includes a Completely White Maintenance Program that keeps the results for as long as the program is followed. No more rebound effect and no more repeating the same in-chair procedure.

What does the CW Maintenance Program consist of?

The Maintenance Program begins with the Stain Index Survey that we have developed over many years. This Index quickly translates a few simple questions about common stain causing foods and liquids into a Maintenance Interval that allows us to keep teeth white with minimal effort and cost at home. Our algorithm translates the answers to those simple questions into a mathematical answer to how much maintenance is appropriate. No more guessing – no more waking up one day with yellow teeth again. The actual Maintenance is a simple brush on liquid that quickly dries onto the teeth and stays active for 20-30 minutes after application. No trays, no mess, no effort. Our goal is to make whitening effective, comfortable, and easy.

Who developed the Completely White System?

Dr. Andrew Turchin, who focuses his practice on Integrating Health and Beauty, has developed and continually improves this system for his 2 private practices over the last 6 years. Since his focus is on health and beauty, conservative treatment of the smile has been a focus of his when more invasive and complicated procedures can sometimes be avoided. For many, a simple improvement in color is their best option. With a history of working at Whitening Centers of Manhattan during the development of Go Smile, Dr. Andrew Turchin is constantly on the cutting edge of tooth whitening technology. The chemical development of this process involved some of the leading minds in dental and whitening chemistry with a list of past partners including Zoom.

Does Completely White In-Office Treatment use a laser or other light?

No, Completely White was designed to be used without a light source. Independent research has always proven that these lights do not improve the results over the long-term. In fact, lasers and lights tend to increase sensitivity and decrease the stability of the results. Our formula is chemically activated into a foam, making much more of the active ingredient available to whiten the teeth. Other formulas are gels and their active ingredient is meant to be activated by the light, yet most of their active ingredient stays in the gel and thus never touching or whitening the tooth

Who is a candidate for Completely White?

Anyone who has seen a dentist in the last year and has no active dental disease is a candidate. For anyone not too sure if the process is for them, a simple consultation with Dr. Turchin will determine a person’s candidacy. In some instances, other treatment might be needed to give people the smile of their dreams, but everyone can have it.

What makes Completely White better than other In-Office Whitening Systems?

The advantages of the breakthrough patented chemistry are numerous. First, it is the most effective and is guaranteed to have no sensitivity. Secondly, the maintenance system keeps rebound from happening for as long as one uses it. Thirdly, the comfort and luxury is unparalleled. We designed it for the most discriminating of patients and clients.

How does Completely White compare to Over-the-Counter systems such as Crest Whitestrips?

Many whitening products work, but vary in quickness, comfort, and longevity. Completely White In-Office works much faster (60 minutes instead of 3-6 weeks). In addition, Completely White In-Office does not require uncomfortable strips that irritate the tongue and fall off. Also, Completely White is guaranteed not to have sensitivity. Lastly- unlike other whitening products that are almost guaranteed to have sensitivity- Completely White is guaranteed not to have any. Our Maintenance System easily maintains the great results without the common effects of rebound for a permanent result.

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